When to Replace Your HVAC System

Start saving money with a more efficient unit

Between the chilly bay breezes and the scorching California sun, you need a nimble heating and cooling system. If your unit is starting to show signs of wear, it might be time to replace it. All Service HVAC can help you improve the HVAC system you have, or we can replace it with a new one.

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What to look for when replacing your old HVAC unit

You're ready to upgrade your energy-wasting HVAC system to something that will lower your energy bills. But how can you make sure you're getting the best unit for the money? Consider the new unit's...

  • Capacity: An HVAC contractor can calculate a unit's capacity to heat and cool your home
  • Efficiency: Don't assume that all newer models are high-efficiency, or that all high-efficiency models will work in your home.
  • Model: Would your home work best with a heat pump, packaged central air or a mini-split system?

An HVAC installer from All Service HVAC can run the calculations to determine the ideal unit for your home and budget.